Thursday, January 26, 2012

Healing A Broken Heart

How do you heal a broken heart? This is a question that was asked to me by a follower on twitter, he must have read my blog and somehow had the courage to asked me privately this question. I never pretended to have the wisdom to answer such question, although I told him I don't have an answer, I still found my self giving him some advise. The truth of the matter is a broken heart cannot be totally healed, once a heart is broken the only thing you can do is to gather all the pieces and patch it up. You may be able to put it back together but the crack remains, and those cracks reminds us of the risk we took on life for loving someone. When your heart gets cracked, that's when the light comes in and hope that the light brings you back out of the darkness of pain. It is common to say that time heals... the only time can do is to make us forget the pain and hoping as time goes by it gets easier. Pain teaches us an important lesson, we need to embrace it but we don't cling to it. It's okey to cry it out but we don't let it linger. So take as much time to heal, allow yourself to focus on different things, perhaps to different people, you have your family, friends, if needed, go out and meet someone else, what's important is to never allow yourself to be alone with pain. The less you spend time thinking of it the easier it gets to recover. But don't use hate, don't be bitter. Bitterness is when you use hate to get over someone. But hate destroys who you are and not the feeling you want to get over with. And don't let pain stops you from risking again or to betray your idealism. At the end of the day only you would know how to deal with it.

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