Sunday, January 1, 2012


I read somewhere that the problem about love is that you expect to be loved in return. While the essense of love itself is to give it without asking for the other person to love you back, we always find ourselves in a position of fearing for rejection. At least romantically speaking. For how painful it is to fall for someone without that someone falling for you. In a world where everything seems to move so fast waiting for a person to feel the same way could be overwhelming. Every moment and every minute counts. Waiting in vain whether he would love you too. Is it worth the wait. Yes, if you truly love the person. You will wait until you realize that it hurts less to let go than to keep waiting. So I will wait for you until you get tired of me because right now the idea of losing you is unbearable than those few sad moments of thinking if we're meant to be together even for just that piece of forever...
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