Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Message in the bottle

I found this letter on my email I made more than six years ago for someone. Thought of sharing it to you guys.

Dear Miguel,

You were right about one thing when you said before that our love was blind. But blindness is not the cause of love but the effect of being inlove. I was blinded by my love for you for I never saw what was, I only saw what I wanted to see. At first it was okey but it was not. I didn't regret when I took the risk of loving you but I don't think I would have survived without loving you. With you I had learned how to love again and I know you did love me too and I'll be forever gratefull for that love even if it didn't last forever. But I'm a survivor and I know I will love again. I just thought that maybe if I gave my best this time it would last but I was mistaken. I could not turn back time if I could I would had done the same. Right now I'm broken hearted and the little experiences had taught me that no one really owns anybody. When we lose someone we love we realize that nothing really belongs to us. I don't own you for love is about giving someone the freedom to do whatever he wants even if it means being happy with someone else. Freedom only exist when love is present. A person who is totally free is the person who can be totally inlove. Take care of yourself and when you find the guy you think is the right one for you never let him go. I love you...


November 2005

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  1. love it, it is much realistic when a person saying GOODBYE, the best part is seeing a person while writing this means a lot for a TRUE PURPOSE of waving. : "until here, till we meet again"

    nice one!