Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Message

Christmas is a time when we look at our lives through a magnifying glass. Where being sad becomes so much sadder and being happy becomes so much happier. And whatever we don't have feels so overwhelming but it also magnifies our sense of sharing as well, reminding us that whatever we possess is not who we are but what we value in life is what provides true meaning and great joy. Family, friendship, our love for those who need it the most and those we believe otherwise. I wish every one a merry Christmas.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Freedom From Religion

I stopped going to church long time ago... Not because I lost my faith to God but because I'd realized it's a religion based on prejudiced.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Dear Tatay,
   I never knew you that much to say I miss you, I was very young when you died and you were also young when you left us. It was hard for Nanay when you suddenly didn't wake up but we grew up to be well and okey. I want you to know that you have three children who continue to love you even if you're no longer with us. And Nanay still thinks of you from time to time. We don't talk much about you,  but you're always in our hearts. I may not have enough memory of you but your life had always been an inspiration. You don't have pictures hanged on our wall but I can still see your image when I look at the mirror, you are after all half of who I am. You may be gone Tatay but you're not forgotten, for it is only when we are forgotten that we ceased to exist. Happy Birthday Tatay.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


If hundreds of years ago we had decided to use our intelligence to understand ourselves. We would not have looked for explanations as to why we do what we do by fantasizing about demons or spirits or genes, but we would have asked, 'Why do we hurt one another?' and found answers based on the assumption that human beings are precious and need to be cherished, for all we have is one another. We would have looked not to some mythical power to save us, but to ourselves, knowing that we are part of everything that exists, and our capacity to be an individual, while at the same time being joined to everyone and everything, gives us a great power, a power which we can have very rarely used to our benefit, a power which the Church and the State have exploited to set one group in enmity against another. If hundreds of years ago, we decide to use our intelligence to understand ourselves, our history would have been entirely different. We might not have ever discovered the wonders of  motor car, and we certainly would not have discovered the terrors of nuclear weapons. We would have probably been fewer, but then many fewer would have died on battlefield or in childbirth or in hunger. We would have developed the arts beyond anything we can ever imagine now, and all of us would be artists. Our arts would have been informed by tragedy, because tragedy would still be part of our lives, but we would not see tragedy as a punishment for wickedness or a deficit requiring compensation. We would not ignore or blindly try to ameliorate the sufferings of those around us, but we would unashamedly and unabashedly come together in the eternal reciprocity of tears. If hundred of years ago, we have decided to use our intelligence to understand ourselves, we would have understood our wanting for everything and have dealt with it, not by denial and blind grasping, but by turning everything from the demand for immediate gratification into enlightened self interest. We would have understood and taught our children that we should practice kindness, tolerance and sharing not because this will assure our place in heaven or because they are the great virtues, but because a society where all the people practice kindness, tolerance and sharing is a pleasant place to live. It is in our own interests that we be kind and tolerant to others. We would have understood and taught our children that, since our life is limited, we have to make choices and order priorities, and since we cannot have everything, we should focus on having the best. Soon our lives would be very different. As the trees disappear, the rain turns to acid, the temperature increases and the water rise, our lives will change, but not in the ways we wish. Our chances of getting everything will get less and less. We do have a little time. Perhaps even at this stage we could decide to do what we should have done hundreds of years ago.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hold Them Lightly

Wanting everything and trying to get everything by being greedy results only in us getting much less than what we would have had if only we had recognized the truth of the saying, "we get to keep only that which we give away". If we clutch a rose tightly, the thorns prick us and the petals bruise. If we hold in an iron grip our relationship with another person dies. If we hang on to our possessions, guarding them from thieves, we imprison ourselves. People and possessions, like roses should be held lightly. If we let the people around us be themselves, they are more likely to stay with us, and if we do not invest ourselves in our possessions, we do not hunger for more nor mourn them when they disappear.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smoked Hickory Pork

Cooked Smoked Hickory Pork

Body & Soul

The body is only a vehicle. It's a magnificent vehicle because it carries what is essential, but in itself, is not essential.