Friday, January 20, 2012

Different Kind of Intelligence

In every generation there are some people who do possess a different kind of intelligence. They believe that it is of prime importance that we strive to understand ourselves and other people. They see people as people, not as objects to be organized, used and abused, but as a person to be treated with respect and dignity. They see individuals as having the right to know and to express their own personal truth. They try to enlarge the ways in which each of us can increase our understanding, and explore and develop our talents and become all the person that we might be. In different times and places, these people have expressed their intelligence. In the centuries when the Church claimed domination over all, such people insisted on the right of each individual to find and express his or her own religious truth. When the State, in the guise of emperors, kings and dictators or those who claim to know what is best for everyone, assumed total power, these people insisted on the right of each individual to freedom and self-discrimination. In this times such people have protested against war, against the destruction of the resources of the planet, against genocide, torture, starvation, poverty, homelessness,and against the cruelty inflicted on individuals by governments, institutions, and those who lack intelligence about people.

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