Monday, January 23, 2012

Making Choices

This is our choice. We can go on as we always have, not thinking clearly, relying on our hope that somehow, by some magical means, it will all come right in the end. Or we can take what we have and recycle or rearrange it with careful, clear thought and create, out of what we have already got, all that we want. We can, as we have always done, hand responsibility for ourselves over to other people and institutions, and hope that they will look after us, or we can accept responsibility for ourselves. The first choice does not give us security, much less what we want. The second choice is full of uncertainty, but when we take responsibility for ourselves, knowing ourselves and one another, we can work out what matters most to us, and order our priorities. We accept what we can never return to the original bliss, but more important, we can leave this world having enjoyed much of what we wanted. What matter that the relationship we had in the past were unsatisfactory and painful? Now we shall enjoy friendship and love. What matter that we missed out on so much? Now we shall make the most of our time. The only regret we can now afford ourselves is that those who came before us wasted their opportunities.
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