Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Prayer

Dear God,

I was never really a great son to you, I tried to be as good as I can but we humans has this tendency to fall out of way sometimes. I had a good parent, she taught me well to be God fearing and to always look up to you and always pray... I tried following her as often as I could. I know that all prayers are answered but I'm wise enough to realize that some of them the answer is no. Only you know why. I am not mad or angry... I made many mistakes but You were always there for me. I may not be Your favorite son but I felt loved. I felt special because I knew those dark moments of my life You were that light that shines on my path and I thank You for that, for not abandoning me when at times I seem to think I am all alone in this world. Thank You for all the blessings, for my family and friends... And for most of all this day... And when the time comes that I breathe my last breath I know You will be there for me welcoming me home.


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