Monday, May 21, 2012

Tolerance And Not Hate

Acceptance is probably the greatest challenge we face, from our family, from our friends, from society, from the Church and most especially from ourselves. When we accept who we are, we build the foundation of our existence, we provide joy to what may be a tumultuous life. Self-acceptance provides strenght, belief in ourselves that we are no different from any other individual regardless of sex and sexual preferences. Growing up I knew that I'm not a regular Juan, I'm attracted to the same sex but that never stopped me from being me rather it increases my tolerance to others not just on their sexuality but with them being different in many ways. There are lots of uncertainties in this world and the problem with most people is that they believe they are certain about many things. They claim to know what God thinks and so knowing they become dangerous because for some they would die for it and others would vilify you for it. I do not claim to know what God thinks nor what God's will and so I practice tolerance. I leave to the wisdom of every individual that they know what they're doing in accordance with their faith and their convictions. We claim we should love every human being but hate them when they don't follow. We claim we should be understanding but condemned when there are differences in beliefs. For how do we practice tolerance when there is much hate. None of us in this world even the brightest person has a grasp of God's omnipotence and it is presicely for this fact that we must not pretend to know what is right and what is good for our only basis is our own conscience and every man has his own conscience so let them be the judge of their own actions.


  1. Is this in the premise that people are ironic? And that some especially those with authority cannot put into action what they say?

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