Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stripped of Power

The end of the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona was considered by others to be the end of a political feud while for others it's just the beginning, but I say we're all just in the middle of this political story to which the end is yet to be seen on the horizon, for every political act gives birth to another act and so it goes on and on until the time the next generation inherits the system we so proudly endures at the same time pollutes. Both sides will agrue the law to be on their side, both will argue to have followed their conscience. But in politics perhaps the only legitimate claim would be following one's interests. The people no matter how powerless we feel remains the sole source of the power that engulfs our government, and we must always remember it is through our weakness that our officials gains their strenght. When the people are weak politicians becomes strong and it's the strong who rules the weak and in the end we deserve the government we elect. The downfall of the former Chief Justice should reminds us that the problems that we share are far greater than the problems that divides us.

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