Friday, November 25, 2011


What lessons do we exactly teach each other when a person being accused of plundering this country gets away with the crime she committed. How about the lesson we teach each other for having a different kind of justice to an ordinary man who steals bread so he can feed his family to a President who steals millions if not billions just to satisfy her greed. In this country we have two kinds of justice the former is for the poor and the latter are for the rich. Take for example former President Gloria Arroyo. In power for almost a decade she's been accused of enriching her family's wealth at the cost of people's taxes. And now that she's out of power the current administration is seeking justice for her crimes yet it comes too short for an ordinary Filipino being accused of a lesser crime. Here she is enjoying a hospital arrest on one of the country's premiere hospitals and now seeking a house arrest. Maybe there is nothing wrong with that, after all she's suffering from an illness but does our government provide the same privilege to an ordinary criminal. Am I allowed to stay in my house if I get caught stealing money from a bank. This kind of preferential treatment to politicians is shameless not only to the accused but to the prosecutor who tolerate it as well. President Aquino maybe calculating the political repercussions of his actions that jailing Arroyo on an ordinary cell might be perceived as an overkill. But overkill or not everyone should be treated equally. Being a former President does not entitled you for a special treatment out of respect, in fact punishment should even be harder because you have been entrusted with power and uses that power to your benefit. Then again our justice system is not perfect but whatever considerations they are providing the former President it is my only hope that the same privilege be provided as well to an ordinary Filipino if they cannot treat Gloria Arroyo as an ordinary citizen. The time of death is the time of great justice, someone said that... at least Gloria Arroyo is near to that ultimate justice.

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