Monday, May 23, 2011

Being Responsible

If we accept responsibility for what we do, we can have something taken away from us. Politicians who admit their errors can lose their power and position. Men who see that the expression of their sexual desires injures others, and that this is wrong, have to deny themselves the expression of these desires if they are to be able to live with themselves. Admitting our errors, failures and inadequacies can take away from us the feeling that we deserve to have everything. Hence many people will go on denying responsibility so that they can think well of themselves. Some people can deny that they are responsible and not be called to account, and others are censured by society. But censured or not, those people who try to get everything by denying that they are responsible for what they do in the end fail to get everything, for other people turn against them and never trust them. Such selfishness provides short-term gains but long-term woe.

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