Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being Christian

Each of us journeys in this life from birth to death. God has chosen a path for us and calls us to walk along it. But He also created us with free will and allows us to follow a route of our own choosing. There is nothing more important than choosing a path that leads to meaningful, fulfillment, compassion and joy. If we choose our own path, we risk the consequences of walking alone, with only our own meager resources. But if we choose to walk in God's ways, He will give us all we need for this journey. When there are forks in the road, obstacles to be overcome or alternate routes to take, God accompanies us and helps us discern His path from others. Wherever our journey of faith takes us, it inevitably encounters suffering. Our culture, to the contrary, tells us to avoid suffering at all cost. Advertisers tells us that if we buy the right products we can avoid not only suffering but also the smallest inconveniences. However God teach us that suffering is a natural part of human life.

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