Saturday, July 27, 2013


Saying I love you to someone is probably the greatest thing a person can say and do in his life provided we remain true to the meaning of the word love. When it comes to romantic love there is always a risk of saying it, when the two person already in love with each other finally say those three words the answer can be very fulfilling. To be loved back by the object of your affection is rapture. But there are those who like most of us do love someone who's not yet in love with us. So we wait and wonder when will the time come. And most often than not we remain silent about how we feel because we're afraid of getting hurt, afraid of not hearing what we want to hear. So we drown on our own sorrow of not being able to experience a loving relationship. And there are those who choose to remain true to what the real meaning of loving someone, unafraid of getting hurt, unafraid of falling first. Because true love waits and understand. The person who truly loves is never selfish, he thinks of his love before himself, he can take pain in silence and persevere in the distance just so he can hold the person he love lightly. I myself experienced these kinds of love. I experienced being loved back, and love someone back. And loving without being love in return. But I also experienced not loving someone at all, yes I may have avoided pain temporarily but I can't survive not loving... The key is to love someone who is worthy of that love.

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