Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never Waste A Moment

Each day is a new beginning and every beginning is a new chance to make your life better. Never waste a moment, laugh and cry, love and reach out to someone, talk to strangers, hug a friend, say I love you. Don't wait for another time because there may never be a time other than today. Life is beautiful.


  1. exactly. yan ata ang naging motto ko lately parang lagi kong naiisip ang death, wag naman sanang maramdaman kong malapet na ako madeads hahaha pero life is short talaga marerealize natin yan eh kapag may nawala engok lang. time to say thank u to the people who has been so good to you, share all the love u have in ur heart and spread it like wala ng bukas! woooohhhoo holalalala gabriel hehehehe

  2. Precisely, SAvor life as its best

  3. Nice! Thank you for reminding us to appreciate life. Sarap basahin bago matulog :)

  4. that's what most of us forget, to savor every second of our lives with the people around us. I mean, we get caught up with all our mundane activities that we become mindless of what's important.

    Short but meaningful post. Enough to inspire readers.