Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Dear Tatay,
   I never knew you that much to say I miss you, I was very young when you died and you were also young when you left us. It was hard for Nanay when you suddenly didn't wake up but we grew up to be well and okey. I want you to know that you have three children who continue to love you even if you're no longer with us. And Nanay still thinks of you from time to time. We don't talk much about you,  but you're always in our hearts. I may not have enough memory of you but your life had always been an inspiration. You don't have pictures hanged on our wall but I can still see your image when I look at the mirror, you are after all half of who I am. You may be gone Tatay but you're not forgotten, for it is only when we are forgotten that we ceased to exist. Happy Birthday Tatay.


  1. I can relate. Been posting blogs like this.

    Fathers, they will always be remembered.